Centennial, 1907-2007

The McDonough-Adams-Kings Highway (MAK) Historic District, the City of Decatur's first local historic preservation district, is celebrating its centennial!

The centennial celebrates the preservation of the historic character of the MAK neighborhood and is also a celebration of the achievements of Leila Ross Wilburn (1885-1967), a student of Agnes Scott College and one of Georgia's first two registered women architects. Ms. Wilburn designed and built a home in the first block of Adams Street where she lived with her widowed mother and younger siblings. Unfortunately, it was torn down to make room for the middle school that now occupies the property.

MAK is very proud that Leila Ross Wilburn's niece, Lib Kennedy, is the neighborhood's oldest and longest-term resident. She lived in the neighborhood as a child during its development at the beginning of the 20th century and at age 94 still resides on Adams Street.

How You Can Help

The Centennial Committee, through its Arts sub-Committee, is working on ways to document MAK history and commemorate MAK's centennial.

Currently, the committee is initiating research on MAK by researching public records, old photos and conducting interviews of MAK's long-standing residents. We hope the work will result in articles, videos and other media that will document MAK's first 100 years. We have very high hopes that these products will be published in local papers and other outlets so the Decatur and Dekalb community will know more about MAK (and we will likewise know ourselves)! At some MAK events, you will likely become part of the fun as some of our neighbors video/photograph our neighborhood's more current events.

We are likewise looking for ideas to raise money to support MAK community projects and further beautify MAK. This entire project will be completed by your talented MAK neighbors.

Interested in helping out? Contact us!