Frequently Asked questions

  1. What does the acronym "MAK" stand for?
    MAK is named for our main roads: McDonough, Adams, and Kings Hwy, as well as the properties located on the intersecting streets north of Oakview Road and south of College Avenue (i.e., Hancock, Ansley east of Kings Highway, Dougherty and East/West Davis Street).

  2. Where can I read about the City Ordinances?
    You can find all of the City of Decatur's City Ordinances. You can also see specific information related to the MAK Historic District. There is also a general pamphlet about MAK's Preservation Guidelines.

  3. I want to make changes to my MAK home. Where do I start?
    MAK does have historic preservation guidelines, and your first step should be to determine whether your planned changes will follow those guidelines. A great contact is the Preservation Planner of the City of Decatur, Regina Brewer. She may be reached at or by phone at 404-371-8386.

  4. Who do I talk to about website changes & additions?
    The MAK Secretary currently maintains the MAK website and Community Forum. Please use the contact form for questions, comments, and requests.

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