MAK Home - 315 Adams

315 Adams was constructed in 1915.  With a few renovations over the decades, 315 Adams provides ample space for modern family living.  From the street, the home’s exterior maintains the hallmarks of Wilburn’s design.  The substantial front veranda and terrace provide a welcoming space. 

The interior floor plan is significantly the same. The home has six fireplaces, its original oak flooring and the original sets of pocket doors separating the parlor and dining room from the large living room. 

At the back of the first floor, prior owners removed the original pass-through butler’s pantry and renovated and expanded the original back porch to provide for a larger, modern kitchen and breakfast room.  Additionally, a full bath has been added to the back of the first floor bedroom, providing a guest room suite.  Finally, prior owners constructed a new back porch.

Upstairs, prior owners added a sleeping porch to the rear of the house and the original linen closet is now being used for a laundry room. 

315 Adams is currently a 5-bedroom, 2-bath house with approximately 2,700 square feet of living space.

Plan: Southern Homes and Bungalows, page 9, plan #628

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