MAK Home - 416 Adams

416 Adams maintains the charm of its original Arts & Crafts details, including casement windows, heavy square columns on the veranda, distinct knee braces and wide eaves. The sunburst portico on the home’s entrance was added before the 1980s and the supporting columns were added in the 1990s.

The home’s original living space was renovated and the attic was expanded into a 2nd floor in the late 1990s.  A portion of the original butler’s pantry was sacrificed to make room for the stairway and the walls to one of the home’s back bedrooms were removed to provide for a modern, more spacious eat-in kitchen overlooking the backyard.  Despite this renovation, the floor plan of the downstairs remains substantially as Wilburn designed it.

In 2007, the owners built a large rear porch addition.  This rear porch was given careful consideration and constructed of brick matching the home’s original bricks and the design of the front veranda.

The home is now a 1½ story, 4-bedroom, 3-bath home with approximately 2600 square feet of living space.

Plan: Ideal Homes of Today, page 25, plan #49

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"There is nothing I like better and I don't believe I'd be satisfied with any other job in the world."

-Leila Ross Wilburn