Wilburn Homes in MAK

The MAK Historic District is fortunate to have a number of homes designed by Leila Ross Wilburn. Click on a home below to read more about its history.

MAK wants to encourage owners of Wilburn-designed houses to send MAK information and photos of their homes. We want to post the photos and information about these houses on our website. Information should include plan book references (or other documentation of her design), year constructed, location, renovations and updates and any other fun facts.

Please contact our neighborhood secretary if you can contribute to this project. We are excited to hear from you!

205 Adams

213 Adams
303 Adams
304 Adams
309 Adams
310 Adams
315 Adams
326 Adams
334 Adams
338 Adams
356 Adams

414 Adams

416 Adams
423 Adams

103 Kings Hwy

107 Kings Hwy

143 Kings Hwy

147 Kings Hwy
208 Kings Hwy
237 Kings Hwy
149 McDonough
351 McDonough

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"There is nothing I like better and I don't believe I'd be satisfied with any other job in the world."

-Leila Ross Wilburn